Blue Mango Theatre | Teatre en anglès per a escoles a Catalunya i Espanya
A Blue Mango Theatre fem teatre interactiu en anglès per a escoles amb l’objectiu d’ajudar els alumnes a aprendre anglès a través del teatre. Des del 2003 fem espectacles 100% en anglès per tot Catalunya, el País Basc i Galícia.
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We are Blue Mango Theatre

At Blue Mango Theatre we offer interactive theatre in English to schools with the aim to help students learn English through theatre. Since 2003 we have been performing in Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia with shows that are 100% in English.


We aim to make language learning a fun, participative and rewarding experience! Check out what’s on offer this year.

More about us


years performing at schools, theatres and cultural centres


performances over 15 years


40 original scripts and 80 original songs


students saw our plays last year

We provide pedagogical material to accompany the plays with exercises created by qualified English teachers, as well as songs and listening exercises to download.

Season 2018-19

  • All
  • Christmas
  • Infants
  • Primary
  • Secondary and Adults
  • Small Groups
  • Medium Groups
  • Big Groups
  • ESO
Blue Mango Theatre: Tune In
Tune in
Big Groups, Secondary and Adults