Blue Mango Theatre Team

Our aims

  1. To provide high quality interactive English theatre and dynamic storytelling.
  2. To offer shows that are especially adapted for different ages, levels and interests  of the students.
  3. To present plays which explore socially valid themes such as bullying, recycling, multiculturalism, peer pressure, healthy eating, etc.
  4. To make language learning a fun, participative and rewarding experience

How we work

Shows 100% in English


Our aim is to help students learn English through theatre. Since 2003 we have been performing in Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia with shows that are 100% in English.

Pedagogical material


We provide pedagogical material to accompany the plays with exercises created by qualified English teachers, as well as downloadable songs and listening exercises. We work with professional musicians to create songs especially for the shows (infants and primary).

Vocabulary and the themes

The vocabulary and the themes of our plays have been carefully chosen and tailored for the level, interests and ages of the students. Our actors speak clearly, using repetition and visual clues to help students follow the story, and our audience is often asked to participate, adding to the fun and enjoyment of our shows. We use music, dance and puppetry to enhance the experience.

Show formats

We have two types of format: small shows with one actor or two, depending on the show (for groups of 60 – 80 students) and big shows with three actors (for groups of around 160 students).


We perform in schools or theatres and only ask for minimal technical requirements related to the space and access to electricity, in order to be able to plug in our lights and music systems.


For big shows:  actors need at least one hour to set up, a  table and 4 chairs. Acting space 6 m x 4 m (theatre or gym).


For small shows : actors need 30 minutes to set up, a table and 1 chair. Acting space 4m x 3 m (gym or classroom).

Contact us to find out more about our prices and discounts.