Blue Mango Theatre - Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

3Rd I 4th ESO, Batxillerat and adults

FROM 2018

160 students

60 min

3 actors/actresses

A murder has been committed in the English countryside


You are invited to join Lord Bartholemew (Barty) and his wife Lady Penelope (Pe) for dinner at Griffin Lodge. Also living there is Lady Winifred (Lady Penelope’s mother), the gardener Bob, and his girlfriend Tilly, who is the family’s maid. The show begins as everyone is running around and organizing the house for dinner. Lady Winifred is terrified her jewels are going to be stolen. Barty’s wife is suspicious of her husband and Lady Penelope is rather too fond of Bob the gardener. However, Bob has plans to run off with Tilly and get married in secret. To add to the confusion Lily, Tilly’s twin sister, appears. Just when things seem to be really complicated, a dead body is found. Someone has been murdered…




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