80 students

45 min

2 actors/actresses

An interactive Christmas show with puppets


It’s the night before Christmas and Santa’s elves are getting ready to deliver his presents. Rudolph, however, is in bed with a cold and the elves soon realize they need to find another helper and fast! But which of the animals will be as good as Rudolph?


A magical show with puppets, Christmas songs, comedy and lots of audience interaction. We provide a work pack with a summary of the story and vocabulary used. We also provide the songs.

PDF  SANTA’S STAR 2017/2018

PDF  SANTA’S STAR 2018/2019


  • Blue Mango Theatre: Culture Vulture UK
    In Primary/ Secondary and Adults/ Small Groups
    Culture Vulture UK
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Little Red Riding Hood
    In Infants/ Primary/ Small Groups
    Little Red Riding Hood
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Pinky Pig
    In Infants/ Medium Groups/ Primary
    Pinky Pig
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Santa's Star
    In Christmas/ Infants/ Medium Groups/ Primary
    Santa’s Star
  • Blue Mango Theatre: The Gingerbread Man
    In Infants/ Primary/ Small Groups
    The Gingerbread Man
  • Blue Mango Theatre: The Little Mermaid
    In Big Groups/ Primary
    The Little Mermaid
  • Blue Mango Theatre: The Loch Ness Monster
    In Primary/ Small Groups
    The Loch Ness Monster
  • Blue Mango Theatre: Time Travellers
    In Big Groups/ Primary
    Time Travellers
  • Blue Mango Theatre: Tune In
    In Big Groups/ Secondary and Adults
    Tune in
  • Blue Mango Theatre: Who's Who
    In Big Groups/ ESO
    Who’s Who?