Super Sue


FROM 2018

160 students

60 min

3 actors/actress

A musical comedy about recycling and the environment


Meet Alice- an environmental nightmare. She leaves lights on, taps running and throws her rubbish everywhere. Super Sue comes to teach her and others like her, how THEY can save the planet by saving it’s resources and recycling. But when Alice meets the Ugly Bugly she has to decide who’s side she on. Who will she listen to? Can she be bothered to save the world? Can our audience help? This lively musical comedy motivates the students to think about the environment and the effect they have on it. Vocabulary includes the CLIL topics; Energy and Environment.




  • Blue Mango Theater - Zapping
    In Big Groups
  • Blue Mango Theatre - The Horror Show
    In Big Groups/ Secondary and Adults
    The Horror Show
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Sherlock
    In Small Groups
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Santa's Star
    In Christmas/ Infants/ Medium Groups/ Primary
    Santa’s Star
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Robin Hood
    In Small Groups
    Robin Hood
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Pinky Pig
    In Infants/ Medium Groups/ Primary
    Pinky Pig
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Little Red Riding Hood
    In Infants/ Primary/ Small Groups
    Little Red Riding Hood
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Goldilocks
    In Infants/ Primary/ Small Groups