Time Travellers



200 students

60 min

3 actors/actresses

Musical comedy historical style


The Time Travellers are Special Agents that can travel through time. They are on a secret mission to stop the evil Joker from changing the history of the world for ever. On their way they meet all sorts of famous people from Picasso and the Ancient Romans to Christopher Columbus. But time is running out- only our audience can help us capture the Joker before it is too late! Lots of fun, great songs and interaction makes this one of our all time favourite BMT shows!



  • Blue Mango Theatre: Who's Who
    In Big Groups/ Secondary and Adults
    Who’s Who?
  • Blue Mango Theatre: Tune In
    In Big Groups/ Secondary and Adults
    Tune in
  • Blue Mango Theatre: Time Travellers
    In Big Groups/ Primary
    Time Travellers
  • Blue Mango Theatre: The Loch Ness Monster
    In Primary/ Small Groups
    The Loch Ness Monster
  • Blue Mango Theatre: The Little Mermaid
    In Big Groups/ Primary
    The Little Mermaid
  • Blue Mango Theatre: The Gingerbread Man
    In Infants/ Primary/ Small Groups
    The Gingerbread Man
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Santa's Star
    In Christmas/ Infants/ Medium Groups/ Primary
    Santa’s Star
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Pinky Pig
    In Infants/ Medium Groups/ Primary
    Pinky Pig
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Little Red Riding Hood
    In Infants/ Primary/ Small Groups
    Little Red Riding Hood
  • Blue Mango Theatre: Culture Vulture UK
    In Primary/ Secondary and Adults/ Small Groups
    Culture Vulture UK