FROM 2018

160 students

60 min

3 actors/actresses

A hilarious musical show about science, friendship, sibling rivalry and respect for others

If only Eli had listened to dad, she might have passed her science exam, all about the solar system. If only she got on better with her sister, perhaps they could have won the talent competition together. If only….


But when Eli discovers she can rewind time she gets a magical second chance to do things differently. But will it make things better? Join us and find out!




  • Blue Mango Theatre - The Horror Show
    In Big Groups/ Secondary and Adults
    The Horror Show
  • Blue Mango Theater - Zapping
    In Big Groups
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Sherlock
    In Small Groups
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Robin Hood
    In Small Groups
    Robin Hood
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Little Red Riding Hood
    In Infants/ Primary/ Small Groups
    Little Red Riding Hood
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Goldilocks
    In Infants/ Primary/ Small Groups
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Pinky Pig
    In Infants/ Medium Groups/ Primary
    Pinky Pig
  • Blue Mango Theatre - Santa's Star
    In Christmas/ Infants/ Medium Groups/ Primary
    Santa’s Star