MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course- Adults

MBSR Mindfulness courseThe next course is planned for after Easter and will be held in Barcelona for 8 weeks (1 session a week, probably a Saturday morning). The sessions are 2 hour group sessions, with material including recorded meditations to use during the week, plus material to support the practices. More information below. All courses are in English.

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We also run Mindfulness retreats in Southern France during the summer.

Summer retreats

Paws B Mindfulness for Primary students

Sessions are run once a week at the school for 8 weeks, and are suitable for 7-11 years. The sessions are only available in English at present.


Mindfulness for Primary studentsPaws B course

(taken and adapted from MiSP’s website)

Why should a child in primary take the Paws b course?

  • It promotes well-being
  • It offers knowledge and skills applicable to the child’s life
  • It can be individually tailored to suit each child
  • It extends the thinking skills learning which is promoted in the national curriculum such as neuroscience and metacognition
  • It helps children understand themselves better
  • It helps them to be resilient and resourceful when life is challenging


The roots of the MiSP Paws B curriculum is MBSR and MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy), the latter being a programme developed largely in the UK to help adults cope with depressive relapse. MBSR and MBCT are the two most well-researched and evidence-based mindfulness programmes available. However, Paws b is not a therapeutic intervention; it is designed to introduce young people to the potential benefits of mindfulness in the safety of the school classroom. Taught by well-trained teachers Paws b offers a toolkit of practices, most between about 1 and 10 minutes, which aim to dip children’s toes into mindfulness in ways which they find helpful and enjoyable.


A key finding from the early research is that pupils enjoy Paws b and there is certainly no evidence to suggest that any harm is caused by this relatively low exposure to simple, secular mindfulness practices. Indeed, early research suggests that mindfulness may provide young people with a valuable life skill by supporting them in number of areas: to feel calmer and more fulfilled; to get on better with others; to concentrate and learn; to manage stress and anxiety; to perform well in music and sport.


More information about Paws B on the MiSP website

Summary Of MBSR adults course

  • The aim of the course is to learn new ways to handle our body sensations, thoughts and emotions.
  • It teaches us to take better care of ourselves so that we are able to live our lives in a fuller and healthier way.
  • It promotes a way of being that helps us tackle life problems – physical, mental, social and emotional
  • The focus of the mindfulness practice is to learn to be aware of the small changes in the physical sensations in your body; what is happening in the world around you using your physical senses, thoughts and emotions.
  • The course programme encourages us to develop the skill of being aware of our experiences (good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant) from moment to moment so that we can learn to respond more skillfully to situations rather than simply reacting automatically.

Overall, the course is often helpful in dealing with an ongoing difficulty – the problem may not change but the way we can learn to relate to it differently.


Practice mp3’s and our extensive Participants Handbook will be emailed out to you in advance of Week one. Like most things in life, you get out what you put in, and Home practice forms a large part of the programme and you will need to commit yourself to building in and practicing for up to an hour each day:


  • Listening and practising, using the mp3’s
  • Making notes of your experience
  • Undertaking some informal / daily life practices. These can be included as part of your routine and ordinary activities.



For more information contact Emma Reynolds at: info@mbsr-mindfulness.com